Wednesday, December 31, 2008


There have been many times I have disagreed with Talk Show Host Hugh Hewitt but this not one of them. Hugh is right New media will help the G.O.P in reaching the Internet savvy young adults, and the political news junkie (like myself) by spreading the word at the grass root level .

Just think about it, Myspace and Facebook have a massive group of people discussing everything from the latest fashion tips to the hottest up coming movies and the best thing of all it's FREE!

With in three years I took my hobby to the next level by Podcasting and Myspacing my show and events that I have done, and all from the comfort of my home studio! I have build a following of 30,000 plus that want to hear the next DJ mix and it did not cost me a cent extra to do it.

I'm on board with Hugh on this one I have wittiness the power on new Media first hand. Back in 2000 when I started my hobby (Club Djing) I had to go out and past flyer's out to people (and most of them didn't even look at it) and hope and prayed that people would show up to my event so I could at least make my money back on the cost of printing up the flyer's.

Now I have seen D J's, Musical Artist, Authors, and Movie Production Houses post on Myspace, Facebook, Cell Phone texting, Iming (instant messaging) and bloging about their events and they are getting a better response from that than anything else.

The best thing about New Media is it is simple but very powerful! If you blog it they WILL come!

Meaning if the G.O.P start putting things in place and embrace New Media now, tie that with Talk Radio then by 2010 the G.O.P WILL have a very powerful force that will make the earth shake!

Hugh Hewitt has started the ball rolling! This one thing may be the best way for the G.O.P to re event themselves!

Word to The Wise:

Hugh Hewitt gets a home run on this one!

I will be talking more about this on my next Podcast Show

PALIN 2012

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