Sunday, January 4, 2009

Conservative Values Aren't Dead!

The Conservative Pin © Represents:
The principles of our Founding Fathers and the writings contained within our historical documents - namely the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Limited government that unites us as a nation but does not have overt or covert control over our individual freedom and liberty and allows every person to be creative, grow and prosper.
Non-burdensome, low taxes and fiscal responsibility and accountability to wisely spend generated tax revenue.
The safety and well being of our nation by securing our borders and enforcing current laws against those who violate our borders illegally.
Separation of powers, preventing judges from legislating from the bench and the Executive Branch from usurping too much power.
Peace through a strong military.

One Nation Under God and individual freedom to practice and maintain religious beliefs.
Strong traditional family values and a respect for human life.

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