Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Disturbing Development with the Race for RNC Chair: Please Read, then ACT!

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Dear CU members

Written By: Michael S.

It has come to the attention of the CU that, apparently, incumbent RNC Chair, Mike Duncan is winning the RNC race with a significant lead in pledged delegates (with Steele and Dawson tied for second). This is the same Mike Duncan who oversaw one of the biggest Election Day wipeouts in recent memory. Given what happened on November 4th of last year, there are simply no logical grounds upon which to retain Mike Duncan as the leader of our Party. The fact that he is now enjoying a sizable plurality in pledged delegates is not only a slap in the face to grassroots conservatives, but yet another indication that the people in charge of the Republican Party are not serious about conservatism and care about little other than their own rank and standing. To say that the reelection of Mike Duncan to the RNC Chair would be a tragedy for conservatism would be an understatement. This simply cannot be allowed to stand, and we must not let it stand. It’s not too late. Most of the delegates still have not voted.

In the link below you will find the names and contact info of each RNC Committee member. The CU asks that you please take a small amount of your time to send emails to *at least* the members from your state and let them know you will not abide the reelection of Mike Duncan to RNC Chair. Your message should make the following very basic points.

1) Mike Duncan should not be allowed to continue as RNC Chair because he has not produced results.

2) We will have no truck with the argument that Duncan bears no responsibility for the GOP’s failure just because ’08 was a bad year for Republicans. That line of reasoning is nothing but a pitiful excuse, and we’re not buying it. No one should be allowed to oversee this kind of epic failure with impunity.

3) The RNC will be getting none of your money if Mike Duncan wins reelection.

That’s it. If you wish you may also tell your committee members who you support, but the three points listed above are the essentials.

Thank you


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