Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Pirates Order: Follow the money – Follow the diplomacy

By Mark Bergeron

Ahoy! A new destination is upon us. We are about to embark on a new journey with a clean slate. One filled not only “hope” but also “change”… Well, not exactly change, more like a dollars. And lots of them! Millions upon millions of them. A veritable treasure chest! So where will this new voyage take us? While no one has a crystal ball, a pretty sure way to predict in what direction this Great Ship of ours will steer is to see where the tide of cash flows – and from whom.

First, The Skipper has appointed the wife of “The King of Booty” to the position of Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is the highest ranking crew member and is fourth in line to succeed the Presidency coming behind such shipmates as Joe “Stand-up Chuck” Biden, Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi and Robert “KKK” Byrd. What a lofty crew that is!

As Secretary of State, Hillary will be responsible for duties such as negotiating with foreign representatives and instructing U.S. embassies or consulates abroad. She will also serve as a principal adviser to the President in the determination of U.S. foreign policy and is responsible for overall direction, coordination, and supervision of interdepartmental activities of the U.S. Government overseas. The Helmsman, if you will. Plotting our magnetic bearing to navigate the world.

Where might we moor our Vessel under the command of Hillary? I suspect some likely places to drop anchor will be off the coast of India. Why India? Because Cap’n “Any Port in a Storm” Bill has some faithful mates there - the likes of:
Amar Singh: $1-$5 million donation category
Tulsi Tanti: $1-$5 million donation category (and ironically, Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd. of Amsterdam a leading supplier of WIND TURBINES – Hey now! How lucky for The Skipper! Alernative Energy!!)
Dave Jatragadda: $500K-$1 million category (who is a capital investor with holdings coincidentally in HEALTH CARE…. Hillary / Healthcare??? Hmmm…)

Or maybe we’ll find safe horbor in the waters of:
Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and Oman. After all, they gave $1 million to $5 million each to Seaman Bill’s Sailor Fund.

And another likely destination for anchorge would be:
Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Ethopia. There is all kinds of sunken treasure there!
Nasser Al-Rashid (Saudi businessman - $1-$5 million)
Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi (billionaire Ethiopian-Saudi business tycoon - $1-$5 million)
Friends of Saudi Arabia Foundation ($1-$5 million)
Dubai Foundation ($1-$5 million)
The U.S. Islamic World Conference ($250,000 to $500,000)

As we see, there is riptide of influence that is likely to dictate this 4 year journey we are about to begin. The list of destinations is far too long to list but I can well imagine that Hillary will do a stand up job and be able to do great things like parlay diplomacy between countries like India and Pakistan with a clear mind. Or be sure that the Flagship of the free world is well represented and that all actions will be done above board and on an even keel. I have the greatest of confidence….

So, “Yarr Skipper!” Give the orders to your First Mate and get the Helmsman her chart. Plot a course. Set sail. Anchor’s away!

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale… a tale of a fateful trip….”

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