Friday, September 4, 2009

The Economy, Our Government, Swine Flu , Health Care Find out as we visit with Mr. Bob Chapman and President Regan on Health Care 09-04-09


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How will the Economy make out this Fall, What's going on the our Government? Swine Flu True Scare or is this apart of the rest of the story? Did Pres. Regan in vision the future of Health Care Find out this Week as we visit with The International Forecaster's Founder and Editor Mr. Bob Chapman and Hear part of a speech President Regan had on Health Care!

Mr. Chapman is 72 years old. He was born in Boston, MA and attended Northeastern University majoring in business management. He spent three years in the U. S. Army Counterintelligence, mostly in Europe. He speaks German and French and is conversant in Spanish. He lived in Europe for six years, off and on, three years in Africa, a year in Canada and a year in the Bahamas.

Mr. Chapman became a stockbroker in 1960 and retired in 1988. For 18 of those years he owned his own brokerage firm. He was probably the largest gold and silver stockbroker in the world during that period. When he retired he had over 6,000 clients.

From 1962 through 1976 he specialized in South African gold shares. He and his family lived in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe) and Johannesburg, South Africa from 1970 to 1973. During that time he did a great deal of further study into the South African mining industry.

Mr. Chapman belonged to The Traders Association for 25 years. He did all his own trading. During his South African years some was done directly through Johannesburg, but 95% was done through London brokerage firms. Hence, he has extensive contacts, both in London and on the Continent. READ MORE

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Rep. Mary Bono Mack [R, CA-45] Aye

Rep. Michael Castle [R, DE-0] Aye

Rep. Mark Kirk [R, IL-10] Aye

Rep. Leonard Lance [R, NJ-7] Aye

Rep. Frank LoBiondo [R, NJ-2] Aye

Rep. John McHugh [R, NY-23] Aye

Rep. Dave Reichert [R, WA-8] Aye

Rep. Christopher Smith [R, NJ-4] Aye

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