Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is Conservatism Dead?

With the election of President Obama to the White House along with the Democrat-dominated Congress, it has been said that the era of conservatism is over. I do not agree. The fact is, I believe, that most people in their core are actually conservatives. Who doesn't believe in hard work, personal responsibility, self-reliance, etc? Who doesn't believe in standing up for our country or giving it strong national defense? Who doesn't want to get runaway spending under control. Even the most liberal of us I'm sure would agree that you shouldn't spend tons and tons of money that you don't have and run up debt as far as the eye can see. You see, to me it's not simply a matter of Republican vs. Democrat or even Conservative vs. Liberal. To me it's a matter of common-sense vs. foolishness.

As a people, we need to stop bickering about what we stand AGAINST. and start talking about what we stand FOR. We should be for America and taking the best care of her that we can. I understand that there are plenty of things about which we disagree, but let's start by working on the common-sense stuff and the rest of the stuff can be worked through as time goes on.

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