Sunday, January 3, 2010


They tell you they will help you, we will fix Healthcare, feed the hungry, Educate your children, we will give you a career etc.... This sounds like a dream come true, my ship has come in I'll be taking care of and so the rabbit hole goes! This is what today's Democratic party wants you to believe. I call this Socialism right here in the United States Of America a nation where freedom rings and we work hard to live our dreams. Our Nation was founded on Conservative Principles and Values, Remember Uncle Sam Needs You! Now we act like WE Need Him!

How did we get here? As I sit here I thinking how great it is to live in a nation that insures our Freedoms. I lived to see the first Black President Of The United States. Unfortunately he is apart of a Political Party that has distorted History since it's Origins.

The Democratic Party, you know the party of the People! That was the History I was taught! I was suppose to believe the hype of a new beginning, equality, I have a voice, down with with the system, and The Republican Party doesn't work for you Party! The Party that elected a President who supported the Indian removal and slavery, renowned for his toughness, he was nicknamed “Old Hickory! I offend wonder what would President Andrew Jackson a man that believed in Slavery would think about his Party electing the First Black President in our nations history.

The more I learn the more I will teach you!

The first step to winning is for the Republican Party and Conservatives to stop the infighting, "Remember to divide your enemy is to defeat your enemy" We need to come together, work together and set aside of our problems! Conservative values unite us and that is the key.

Second step to winning in 2010 is for the Republican party to learn it's true history? Why was the Party founded and who did it represent? We need to ask those questions and find the answers and teach those answers!

Third step to winning in 2010 is for the Conservative Media and leaders stop the belly aching and come up with solid solutions to the problems that we face, to reach out to minorities,and independents with a new message. Not the same old song and dance we been doing for the last 60 year, go back to the basics!

Obama has no power if he losses Congress!

Remember we can win in 2010

“You take the Blue "DEMOCRATIC" Pill the story ends! You take the Red "REPUBLICAN" Pill stay in Wonder land and they will show you how far the deep the rabbit hole goes!”


The Matrix

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