Tuesday, February 16, 2010


By S. C. Young

I asked this question on my Radio show a few days ago and I got a lot of responses.

Boy did I ever, the bottom line is yes, yes they both can and will change how Washington
Works! If nothing else both Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement has sparked the great
debate on how bad our Political system is working and that is a good thing.

Whether you like or dislike Mrs. Palin she says what a lot of Americans are thinking. The difference is every time Mrs. Palin say something the Press and the Media on both sides of the spectrum will quote and analyze her every word. When Mrs. Palin speak the Media listens and that means what ever she is talking about is becoming a discussion around the water cooler and that is what we need dialog!

The country is in bad shape because We The People are not keeping a eye on what is going on. I’m not going to say that Mrs. Palin is the next Republican leader or she should run for President but like her are not she has energized a lot of people, and she has asked a lot of the right questions that needs to be answers.

The Tea Party Movement started as a small voice in March of 2009 and has grown to a deafening roar to the point that the movement is mention every day in the Media. Now as a person that works in the Media I know that there are News Stories that stay in the lime light and News stories that just move to the non issues pile and people forget them. The Tea Party Movement has sparked a flame with everyone that believes in the Constitution, small Government, lower taxes, free trade, Capitalism, no Government run Healthcare and ect…. Now if you listen to the Corp. Liberal Media you would think that the Tea Party Movement was a bunch of Red neck radical Right Wing extremists having a KKK Rally in the back hill of the South.

This is not true I have attended several Tea Party Rally’s including The Tea Party Bus Rally that was held in Dallas Texas. I had a chance to speak with people on the right, the center, and left they all had the same problems with our Government. The Tea Party Movement has given people a voice that has let our elected officials know they are being watched and they know that people will vote them out in November if they do not get their act together.

The bottom line is both Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement has made News in the Media and that will shine the light on how well our Government is working!

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