Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Health Care Summit

Well, well, well after months debating and shutting out all opposition from the Republican party and coming close to ramming through a health care bill that the vast majority of the American people did not want, President Obama is finally ready to talk with the Republicans.

In the previous months the Democrats in the House and Senate have held closed-door meetings to hash out the details of the bill while LITERALLY locking the Republicans out. They did this after telling the Republicans that if they had any ideas to bring them to the table. But when they attempted to bring those ideas, they were met with literally a locked door. Then President Obama and the Democrats have the gall to call them the party of "no ideas"!!! Excuse me Mr. President!!!! But if you lock them out of the meeting, how are they supposed to present their ideas???!!!

This was the day that they held majorities in both houses of Congress and a filibuster-proof (60 or more seats) in the Senate. Now with the recent election of Republican Scott Brown to the Massachusetts Senate seat, they have lost the ability to simply cut off debate on a bill. This is now forcing the Democrats to include the Republicans in the discussion.

The Politico quoted one White House Staff member as saying: "While (Obama's) been very clear that he supports the House and Senate bills, if Republicans or anyone else has a plan for protecting Americans from insurance company abuses, lowering costs, reducing prescription drug prices for seniors, making coverage more secure, and offering affordable options to those without coverage, he's anxious to see it and debate the merits of it." It's amazing how quickly they have changed their tune. Additionally, he also wants the discussions to be televised. Interesting, that they didn't want to televise it before when they were simply trying to ram it through.

I do think the Republicans should still attend the meeting. However, they need to make it clear that as the bill stands right now, it is unacceptable. Even though they don't want to, the Congress needs to start from scratch, and the Republicans should make this clear.

Ryan Smith

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