Sunday, February 14, 2010

“Rewarding Bad Behavior”

By Mark Russo

The State of the Union Address and the 2010 election season is in full swing. I can say I agree with some points the President made in his address. However, Congress showed those were just words the very next day by increasing their out of control spending. Spend…spend…spend is not the answer. We have become a society that rewards bad behavior and punishes those that succeed within the law. The banks mishandled their own money and to reward them, we give them more money to squander. However, the bank realizes that taking that money had too many strings attached and wasn’t worth taking thus gives the money back. The government being the ever watchful eye determines that those companies lied and these companies are successful. The solution? Hey! Let’s tax them into oblivion until they need to take our money. Ya! That’s ticket! Are you slapping your hand against your head yet?

My next point in this “Reward Syndrome” is giving people who break laws high leadership position. Tim Geithner doesn’t pay his taxes and then gets named Treasury Secretary. He states that he decision was careless. He breaks the law… the same law that would get you or I thrown in the Federal Motel and he gets a high-ranking job. A job no less where “Careless” behavior should be avoided. Again, are you slapping your head?

My next point tackling our runaway spending and spouting off about “Reward Syndrome” may just raise your blood pressure.  One of our big drains is our penal system. Why do we give criminals more benefits than citizens that work hard every day just to eat and achieve to live the “American dream” as opposed those that attempt to take it away through fear? While families are struggling to eat one meal criminals get three. While America is told to conserve water and energy, our Nations Worst gets clean clothes and TV time. Am I saying going to prison is easy? No… but when everyday, honest Americans are struggling and indentured to trying live the “Dream” I do take issue. Homeless rates are up, Jobless rates are up, and taxes are going up! They other issue which I will keep for a longer discussion is petty criminals doing longer time than Killers. Our thought process has somehow gotten thrown into Insanity.

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