Monday, March 15, 2010


I was asked about my view on The Health Care Bills and this is ny thought on the issuse.

Now I know u did not just asked me that. But since you did I will tell you. I'm do agree that we need to fix some of the problems with our Health Care but when I hear the statement Health Care Reform and there is nothing in the bill that address the cost of Meds, allowing Insurance Companies to sell insurance across state lines or the Senate passing a bill that noone has even seen I don't think that is a real attempt to fix Health Care.

My ex girlfriend has to take Meds just to function and her her insurance pays a bilk of the cost. If she paid for her Meds without her insurance her cost would be over $1,200 a month and that's just for her Meds that doesn't include her doctor appointments, she has 3 kids and all together their Meds would total to over $3,000 a month so that mean her insurance is paying at least $2,400 a month that is to much. 

I have read both the House and the Senate bills and I have not seen anything in either that talks about Meds. and when you  tell people and small Business the you must provide Health Care Insurance then you are forcing people to pay for something that they may not be able to afford and no small Business or Corp. is going to hire people when they have to factor in the cost of insurance. Now people believe that the small Business and Corp. should use their profits to pay for the insurance but that is not going to happen.

It kills me when I hear people get mad when they have to pay $4.00  for a gallon of gas but are silent withit come to paying $200.00 a month for Meds I just can't rap my head around it.

Bottom line is I think we need to do something about our health Care but this Bill is not the way.

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