Sunday, May 1, 2011


OK the closer we get to the 2012 Election I have come to the conclusion the Republican Party will do the same thing this election that they did in the 2008 Election!


Maybe I'm just off base here but can someone tell me what has Trump done to be President!
(I'm just saying)

The only thing that I've heard from The Donald is the birther argument PEOPLE THAT IS NOT A REASON TO VOTE A PERSON INTO OFFICE!!!!

Let's say the birther movement revials that President Obama was not born in the U.S. do you really think that the people whom have worked to get him elected would change anything?

Not going to happen...

For the people who are going to argue with me about this lets look at the past.

Over 70% of Americans where against the healthcare plan but it happened, people where against the bail out plan that both Presidents Bush and Obama did but it happened! So if you look at the past nothing will happen.

Now with that being said I think that people should challenge anything they don't agree with including the birther question, our Constitution give anyone the right to a voice and I don't want to take that away from anyone.

If the birther question is the reason that people would vote for The Donald then the Republican Party is doomed in this next Election.


Now back to the new Republican kid on the block. Lets look at his past.

Financial problems (1989–1997)

By 1989, the effects of the recession left Trump unable to meet loan payments. Trump financed the construction of his third casino, the $1 billion Taj Mahal, primarily with high-interest junk bonds. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, by 1991 increasing debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy and the brink of personal bankruptcy. Banks and bond holders had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but opted to restructure his debt to avoid the risk of losing more money in court. The Taj Mahal re-emerged from bankruptcy on October 5, 1991, with Trump ceding 50% ownership in the casino to the original bondholders in exchange for lowered interest rates on the debt and more time to pay it off.

On November 2, 1992, the Trump Plaza Hotel was forced to file a prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection plan after being unable to make its debt payments. Under the plan, Trump agreed to give up a 49% stake in the luxury hotel to Citibank and five other lenders. In return Trump would receive more favorable terms on the remaining $550+ million owed to the lenders and retain his position as chief executive, though he would not be paid and would not have a role in day-to-day operations.

By 1994, Trump had eliminated a large portion of his $900 million personal debt and reduced significantly his nearly $3.5 billion in business debt. While he was forced to relinquish the Trump Shuttle (which he had bought in 1989), he managed to retain Trump Tower in New York City and control of his three casinos in Atlantic City. Chase Manhattan Bank, which lent Trump the money to buy the West Side yards, his biggest Manhattan parcel, forced the sale of a parcel to Asian developers. According to former members of the Trump Organization, Trump did not retain any ownership of the site's real estate - the owners merely promised to give him about 30 percent of the profits once the site was completely developed or sold. Until that time, the owners wanted to keep Trump on to do what he did best: build things. They gave him a modest construction fee and a management fee to oversee the development.

Now The Donald has made a big come back and I really like Mr. Trump but not for President...
Bottom line for a Republican Party win the Party will need to focus on the Economy, Jobs, The U.S. Debt, AND A NEW MESSAGE NOT THE SAME ONE FROM THE MID 80'S and reaching out to Black and Hispanic voters. (I will post a blog about this later this week)

It's time for the Republican Party put it's big boy pants on, stop with the ADHD MENTALITY and come together with a real agenda that has solutions PERIOD ENOUGH SAID...


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