Monday, October 26, 2009

State Analysis: Alaska

Alaska continues to be a very red state in many ways. The state has voted for Republican Presidents for a long time now. However, there is some challenge/opportunity available in how it votes for Senators and Representatives. Due to it's size, the state receives only one Representative in the House plus its two Senators giving it a total of 3 Electoral College votes.

Its Class II (the 1/3 of Senators voted in during the 2010 elections) Senate seat will be next up for election. Though this seat is currently held by a Republican, it was only won by a slim margin in 2004 (49%-46%). The GOP must make sure that this seat does not slip into Democrat hands. Since 2010 is shaping up to be a very red cycle in a very red state, this should not be hard.

Its Class III (2014 elections) Senate seat was won by a Democrat with a 48%-47% margin. This one was lost in the wake of various scandals by the current Republican incumbent. This is one that the GOP should try to regain in those elections....though they are still a ways off.

The sole House seat is currently held by a Republican and has been so for quite awhile. However, this seat was only won by a 50%-45% in the last election. This is another seat that GOP must shore up to make sure it does not lose it in the next election.

There are no real opportunities for pick-ups in this particular state for the 2010 elections, but it is a state which the GOP must not take for granted either.

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