Monday, March 22, 2010

We've Only Begun The Fight

The Democrats have managed to push through their health care "reform" bill after all. I find it amazing that any Congress without bipartisan support or support of the people (70+% wanted the Congress to start over with a different bill) and crafted behind locked doors without anyone being allowed to see the bill can still jam it through.

I for one certainly do not support the contents of the bill, but it is really the process that has been more upsetting. If the bill had passed (even in it's current form) with much more support from the people, I would have had an easier time accepting it. As it stands, this was complete steam-rolling the vast majority of the people.

The good news is that we now know who will listen in Washington and who will not. The time is now and until the elections in November to make those who voted for this bill own this and wear this. They IGNORED the people, and that fact must be trumpeted loud and clear.

The other good news is that 38 states (76% of all 50!) are considering legal action in court based on the 10th Amendment. This very well could overturn the law....which I am hoping for.

We have to make it clear that We the People will no longer put up with this crap, and we are intent on making our leaders listen to us.

Ryan Smith
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